Spypoint Cell-Link Universal Cellular Adapter

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The CELL-LINK takes your scouting to the next level, the cellular level, by turning your current non-cellular camera into a cellular capable device. You no longer have to make trips to pull cards, risking leaving your scent behind, or wait weeks to see what bucks are showing up on camera. Take advantage of the SPYPOINT EXPERIENCE and the advanced digital scouting features that come with it.


The CELL-LINK can turn virtually any non-cellular camera that uses a standard SD card slot into a cellular trail camera almost instantly, regardless of manufacturer. Because the CELL-LINK uses the SD card slot to access the camera’s images and send them to the SPYPOINT mobile app, you don’t have to scrap your current batch of cameras to start getting into cellular cameras.


The CELL-LINK is ultra-compact, about the size of your fist, to avoid drawing unwanted attention to your camera. The compact design means you can carry several, along with their cameras, in your pack when setting up cameras. Big technology doesn’t have to come in a big package.


SPYPOINT cellular devices are incredibly easy to activate because they aren’t connected to your personal cell phone plan. This also gives you the flexibility to choose the carrier model that offers the best coverage where the camera will be used, instead of forcing you into a carrier model that matches your phone service.

1)Choose the carrier model that offers the best coverage at your hunting location
2)Download the SPYPOINT app
3)Follow the easy “activate new camera” prompt in the app
4)Install SD card and batteries
5)Power on camera
6)Start receiving photos


Installation strap


Eight AA batteries (required)
MicroSD card (required)

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