Brunton Personal Navigation Instructor Kit

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This instructor's kit will help you impart skills and enthusiasm for personal navigation to your students. Kits are available in 12 and 24 piece sets.

Everything an instructor needs when teaching a navigation clinic. Easily carry everything with you in a padded carry case with a handle that safely holds all the compasses and papers needed. When the clinic is complete simply slide the compasses back into their padded places to be used for the next clinic.


    1. Instruction Manual
    2. Student workbook (Click here for digital copy)
    3. Lesson Plan with Field Guide (Click here for digital copy)
    4. 6in x 9in Overhead instructor compass
    5. Soft case with custom foam insert
    6. TruArc 3 Compasses
    7. TruArc Global Needle tilts up to 20 degree for balanced use world wide
    8. Tool-free declination adjustment is simple and fast to orient magnetic north to true north
    9. Meridian lines on vial assist during pre-trip planning when aligning with map grid lines
    10. Inch/millimeter scales for accurate and effective map work
    11. 2 degree resolution azimuth ring provides accurate readings
    12. Made in the USA in Riverton, WY

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