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Brinsea Ovation 28 Zoologica Exotic Egg Incubator

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The latest addition to the Ovation range, the new Ovation 28  and 56 Zoologica, are high-performance incubators specifically designed to handle delicate parrot and other exotic eggs that need frequent turning along with extremely precise control of humidity and ventilation.

Although Brinsea's Mini and Maxi II EX models meet these stringent requirements and are very popular, parrot breeders have asked for a larger incubator fulfilling the same criteria for a greater number of eggs.

The new Ovation 28 and 56 Zoologica feature the same precise digital control of temperature, humidity, and Induced Dual Airflow as the best-selling Ovation 28 and 56 EX models, but thermal control is further improved by a filled insulated base.

Because some parrots turn their eggs almost continually, the Zoologica models also have finer control of egg turning interval and angle. The poultry egg troughs are replaced with a flexible and zero-impact roller turning system. The spacing between the rollers can be adjusted to suit different egg sizes and the egg turning angle can be precisely programmed from 5 to 180 for eggs of 1.8in diameter - smaller eggs can be turned at a greater angle if desired. 

The end results are incubators of unparalleled performance and the ability to smoothly turn the most delicate of eggs with precision and control.

A simple and highly accurate menu-driven digital control system gives:

  • Zero-impact egg roller turning system for fine control of turning interval and angle
  • Programmable automatic egg turning interval
  • Programmable egg turning angle from 5 degrees to 180 degrees for eggs of 1.8in (45mm) diameter
  • Digital display of temperature and humidity
  • Integral automatic humidity control
  • Automatic temperature control in F or C fully factory calibrated
  • High and low incubator and room temperature alarms
  • Periodic Egg Cooling feature
  • Fan assisted airflow with Induced Dual Airflow system
  • Ventilation control
  • Good visibility of the eggs
  • Robust hygienic ABS construction with Biomaster antimicrobial plastics
  • Insulated base and plinth to further improve thermal control
  • 20 African Grey eggs capacity but suitable for a wide range of egg sizes from finch to goose thanks to its adjustable turning roller system.
  • 3-year warranty

Capacities (approximate):
Finch: 40
Cockatiel, Lovebird: 30
African Grey, Eclectus, Amazon, Cockatoo: 20

Dimensions: 20x16x10
Weight: 8.00lb

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