Avery Sporting Dog

Avery Sporting Dog Kennel Coat

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Avery Sporting Dog Kennel Coat cover works with a wide range of kennels to keep your canine companion protected from the elements. Plenty of storage capacity for training supplies and more.    

  • Insulated and Uninsulated models
  • Colour: Marsh Brown
  • Parka Pocket
  • Collar/Transmitter Pockets
  • Leash/Lead Pockets
  • Heeling Stick/Blind Pole Pockets
  • Durable 600D DuraMax Construction
  • Roll-Up Door and Window
  • 30in x 4in Heeling Stick Pockets 

Sizes Available:
  • Large (36in x 26in x 28in)
  • XL (40in x 27in x 30in)

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