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Heart of Gold Organic Melon Seeds 4120. Heirloom Vegetable. Approx. 50 seeds/pkt (35 seeds/gram).

Heart of Gold is an aromatic, sweet, deep orange fleshed melon. Expect the round fruit to range in size from 12.5cm to 16.5cm (5-7in) in diameter with a seed cavity that is relatively small. The rind is green with a heavily netted grey outer skin. Melons average 1.5kg (3.3lb) weight at harvest. Heart of Gold is another heirloom that has been grown for over 100 years!

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The seed needs a warm soil to germinate properly – 5 to 10 days at 21C (70F). Soil does not normally reach this temperature until late May through to mid-June. Seed can be started three weeks early indoors using a soil-less seed starting mix. Use plantable peat or paper fibre pots as seedlings do not transplant well. Harden off seedlings before moving outside to a fully sunny site. Feed with a good quality vegetable fertilizer shortly after transplanting and keep the melons evenly watered throughout the growing season. To harvest, apply gentle pressure between the stem and fruit. Days to maturity are from the transplant stage.

Blooming Season Begins High Summer
Days to Emergence
7 - 10 days. Cold soil will slow and sometimes prevent germination
Days to Harvest 75 days
Degree of Difficulty Prior Experience Beneficial
Family Name Cucurbitaceae
Frost Tolerance Killed by Frost
Growth Habit Vining
Height Low to Medium (15 - 30cm)
Heritage Heirloom
Latin Cucumis melo
Lifecycle Annual
Light Full Sun
Organic Status Certified Organic
Propagation Start Indoors or Sow Direct Late Spring