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Aimers International Seeds - Squash - Naples Long

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Naples Long Squash Seeds (Aimers International) 2960. Open Pollinated. Variety originated in Italy. Approx. 25 seeds/pkt (10-11 seeds/gram).

Very large, oblong, butternut shaped fruit. Sweet tasting bright orange flesh has an incredibly rich texture. Fruit can weigh up to 20kg (44lb) or more. Deep green skin turns a tan colour during storage. Matures in 95 days.

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Sow direct in a sunny site in late spring after soil has reached at least 20C (70F) and all danger of frost has passed. Seed can be started indoors in a soil-less growing medium using paper or fibre pots 3 weeks before expected plant out. Warm soil is a must – seed will quickly rot if planted in soil that is cooler than recommended. Seed typically sprouts in 6-12 days. Keep soil evenly moist. Harvest after vine dies or after rind hardens and dulls in colour. Gather before frost leaving part of the stem attached.

  • Planting Depth: 2.5cm (1in)
  • Seeds Per Hill: 6
  • Thin to: 4 plants/hill
  • Hill Spacing: 2m (6.5ft)
                                    Full Sun
                                    Days To Harvest 95 days