Abeego Mini Campfire

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From backyards to beaches, balconies to the backcountry, the instant, portable Abeego Campfire elevates moments to memories. Brighten everyday outdoor occasions with a small, captivating fire that lights quickly and extinguishes instantly.

  • Scout Your Spot - Place on an outdoor, secure, heat-proof surface. Burns 3+ Hours
  • Windproof and Lights Easily - Reach for your trusty lighter or match and light. No Embers or Sparks. 
  • Extinguish Instantly - Simply slide the lid over the tin to extinguish. Allow cooling before moving. 
  • Must-have for Emergencies - Provides a great light and heat source for survival applications; great for travelling and camping too.

The Abeego Mini Campfire is upcycled from our Food Wrap production waste and gets us one step closer to being zero-waste. Ingredients include beeswax, tree resin, organic jojoba oil, hemp, and organic cotton. Food safe. Made in Canada.

Place on a secure, heat-proof surface. The tin gets HOT. To light use matches or lighter. To extinguish cover with the lid. Let it cool before moving. For outdoor use only and should not be left unattended. Do not use water to extinguish or use in the rain. Users assume all liability, must follow standard fire precautions and observe local fire regulations. Keep away from combustibles, children, and pets.  

    Height: 2.8in
    Width: 4in
    Depth: 4in
    Weight: 0.97lb

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