1.5L Water Pack With Handle (Collapsible)

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1.5L Emergency Water Pack with Carry Handle


These water packs are perfect for emergencies. You can fold them flat or roll them up. They are very compact when empty so you can fit them almost anywhere. Keep them in your backpack, emergency bag, bug out bag, get home bag, truck, camper or just about any other place you could think of for those just-in-case situations.

They have a twist on top and have a convenient carry handle which makes them easy to carry. With the added bonus of being very inexpensive, you can keep a bunch of these around. You can fill them with water filter when you need them. They are easy to drink out of.

Capacity: 50.72 oz/1.5 Litre/0.3963 gallon 

Size: 1.5 Litre/0.3963 gallon/50.72 oz

Colour: Bright White

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