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Pelican Coolers & Gear

Pelican has been at the forefront of designing coolers and protective cases for a generation, and their line of products demonstrate that level of quality. Pelican coolers and Pelican cases offer high durability and performance with an ergonomic design. Pelicans are perfect for fishing, hunting, sailing, and even tailgating. With over a dozen variations of colour and size, a Pelican cooler’s superior temperature control allows for up to 10 days of ice retention. Pelican coolers even have built-in cup holders and bottle openers so you can enjoy an ice-cold drink while all your food and beverages stay cold. With Pelican cases you know you are getting the highest quality with a rugged build and constructed to the same tactical case protection requirements of law enforcement and the military. Store firearms, cameras, electronics, and more in a protective pelican case. Watertight, dustproof, and crushproof, our pelican cases will keep all of your important items secure and undamaged. Pelican coolers and protective cases are made to last a lifetime, so order yours today.