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Our PT14 battery offers all the advantages of our PT series, including a larger capacity, a high discharge capacity, and an integrated heating system. These batteries are suitable for a wide range of applications, both residential and commercial, and can be paired with up to 24 modules to form a comprehensive, plug-in-compatible energy storage solution. The intelligent battery integration eliminates the need for manual balancing and integration for each parallel pack, thus reducing the complexity of the installation process. The primary feature of the PT14 battery is a UL95 40A PASS battery, allowing it to be installed in a variety of applications.

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Minimum/Nominal/Max Voltage
44V / 51.2VDC / 56VDC
Energy Capacity
Operational Temperature
-30°C to 45°C (-22°F to 113°F)
93kg (205 lbs)
61cm x 38.1cm x 48.2cm (24in x 15in x 19in)
Maximum Continuous Discharge Amperage
280 A
Maximum Continuous Charge Current 140 A (70 A recommended)
Fuse Amperage 300 A
Standard Warranty & Certifications 5 year standard warranty
UL1973 (Pending)
CSA (SPE-1000) Inspected
Maximum Batteries in Parallel 24
Cycles 6700 cycles (charging cc/cv @0.5C & discharging CC @0.5C, 100% DOD, 25°C +/-2°C 80% of rated capacity
8500 cycles (charging CC/CV @0.5C & discharging CC @ 0.5C, 100% DOD, 25°C +/-2°C 70% of rated capacity)
10,000 cycles (charging CC/CV @0.3C @0.3C, 70 DOD, 25°C +/-2°C 70% of rated capacity)