InstaFire Canned Heat+ & Cooking Fuel (3-Pack)

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You’ve got propane, you’ve got firewood…but do you have the fuel you can safely burn indoors without significant danger of hazardous fumes or a house fire?

For that, you need InstaFire 6-Hour Canned Heat+ & Cooking Fuel:

  • Safe to burn indoors. Nontoxic – Made from high-purity diethylene glycol. It’s the same fuel used every day by restaurants and caterers. Proven safe for cooking and warming food indoors for hours at a time.
  • No flareups – Won’t light up without a wick
  • Six-hour burn time – Cook multiple meals with a single can
  • Resealable – Leftover fuel can be re-used
  • Lasts for years on the shelf
  • Three 7.11oz (210ml) cans
  • Flashpoint approximately 265F

Stay Hidden

During an emergency, it isn't always safe to be outdoors. Because the InstaFire 6-Hour Canned Heat+ & Cooking Fuel is safe for indoor use, you can stay inside away from prying eyes. That means no worrying about alerting others to what food or tools you have available.

Cook Multiple Meals Fast

The InstaFire 6-Hour Canned Heat+ & Cooking Fuel flame maintains steady heat for six hours, non-stop. Cook several meals quick and easy or use these cans in a VESTA heater to warm a room through the night.

Product may freeze when the temperature reaches 16 degrees Fahrenheit (-8 Celsius). This product will last many years when stored in ambient conditions above its freezing point.

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