Farm-Tuff Galvanized Poultry Fountain Waterer

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The double walled galvanized poultry fountain is long lasting to make sure your birds stay watered for years to come. Joints are rolled instead of soldered to create a tight fitting seam. With a unique vacuum design, this poultry fountain automatically maintains a constant water level. The cone shaped top prevents roosting and keeps the water clean. 

 3 Gallon Specs:

  • Volume: 10.91L
  • Length: 31.1cm
  • Width: 31.1cm
  • Height: 39.4cm 

5 Gallon Specs:

  • Volume: 18.18L
  • Length: 38.7cm
  • Width: 38.7cm
  • Height: 43.2cm 

8 Gallon Specs:

  • Volume: 30.46L
  • Length: 38.7cm
  • Width: 38.7cm
  • Height: 60.96cm

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