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Earth Studio Modular Vertical Garden - 20 Pot Kit

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Our Living Green Walls cater for professional installers and homeowners. Inspired by bees, nature’s ultimate gardeners, we have adopted a honeycomb design, enabling a number of configurations suitable for any space. The modular design is scalable and makes it easy to install it yourself. 

  • Honeycomb design
  • Modular system for easy installation
  • Offsite planting
  • Improved sustainability and reduced maintenance
  • Suitable for large or small projects
  • Outdoors or indoors (recommended with tank)
  • Create a garden with limited space available

The hexagonal design allows for all plants to be planted flush against each other, hiding the hardware and creating a lush carpet of greenery from close up or far off. This also means that your display is ready from Day 1 – you don’t have to wait for the plants to grow in. And because of the nature of the product, every installation looks like an original.

What's Included:

  • 4 Rails
  • 20 Felt Bags
  • 20 Hexagon Plastic Pots

*Irrigation Kit and Tank System sold separately

* Shipping charges are subject to change without notice. Some conditions apply.

The Hex Pot:

  • The hex pot clips onto a rail, at a 30 degree upward angle.
  • Water drains from the top pot to the bottom. 
  • The hexagonal shape allows for dense planting while maximising soil volume.
  • Plants are not shaded by the hardware above.
  • To create an instant effect, the pot can hold a 15cm plant or smaller, with 30 pots per square metre. Seedlings can be used to reduce cost.
  • Pots can be transported at level and be planted off site.

The Bag:

  • The bag keeps the soil in place and holds the plant in the pot preventing it from falling out and supporting the neck of the plant.
  • The material is weaved from recycled plastic making it nonbiodegradable, reusable and UV resistant.

The Rail:

  • The rail is made from aluminium to prevent corrosion, make it lightweight, and allow for multiple fixing points and even weight distribution.
  • It can be installed on dry walls and can be cut to size for customisation making it height adjustable.

Note: Water doesn’t run on the wall, but in case of accidental leak, an additional plastic ground sheet can be used behind the rail to redirect water to the ground or into the tanks.

Expand and grow the modular vertical garden

Our system is modular and scalable. From a small 5 pot home veggie growing solution, to a full scale commercial project, the modular system can adapt to meet the requirements. Combine the 20 Pot Kit with an Irrigation System / Tank System (sold separately) for a fully automated and expandable vertical farming experience.