Primus Service Kit

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Everything needed to service your Primus gear in one place. Service Kits are made for specific stoves (or products) so please reference your stove model prior to purchasing. 

Stove Kits include: Priming Pads x2, C-clip, Flame spreader with ring, O-ring for valve connection, O-ring for simmer control spindle, Brass retaining nut for stove body, Jet nipple (0.28mm), Jet nipple (0.37mm), Jet nipple (0.45mm), Leather Gasket and Silicone Grease

OmniLite Ti Service Kit (for stoves: 3219)
Weight: 1.9oz  

MultiFuel EX and OmniFuel Service Kit (for stoves: 328894/328895/3289)
Weight: 1.9oz   


Ergo Pump Kit Includes:
1 Plastic Container (not pictured), 1 Spring, 1 O-ring, 1 grease tube, 1 Leather gasket, 1 Valve Part, 2 Fuel Filters (not pictured), 1 Cone, 1 Gasket

For OmniFuel, MultiFuel and VariFuel stove style fuel bottles. Spare parts for Primus fuel pumps.
Weight: 1.9oz  

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