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Welcome Everyone!

Welcome Everyone!

I am really excited to welcome everyone to something new – the Good2GoCo blog. The goal for our blog is to help provide emergency preparedness education and pass on some of our in-house preparedness knowledge, as well as to help educate you about our products.  Our desire is to provide tips on how to put them to better use.

There is a ton of really good information out there already and we do not mean to duplicate this info. What we do want to provide is readily accessible information that relates to the products we sell and distribute. So, in the event that you see us talking about information you have seen elsewhere, we apologize in advance for the redundancy.

In this introductory post, I want to give you a bit of background about our company. It is important to us that you know who you are choosing to trust with your business. First and foremost, we are a 100% family owned business. In fact, we have 3 generations of family that work here at Good2GoCo. We are also customers just like you. We buy and use the very same products that you do. I would consider our family members the outdoor/homesteading types and that is how we approach emergency preparedness. We all believe that being able to produce some or all of our family’s yearly food needs is an important goal. Simply put, we believe in being self-sufficient.

My wife and I started this business from our home in Kelowna, BC. Our first warehouse was the space under our garage. When we opened our online store, we started with 108 different products. This is the foundation that we continue to build on today.  We now operate out of a 15,000 sq. ft. warehouse/distribution centre still located in Kelowna, BC. We invested our life savings to start this business and our conviction from day one was to start and remain a debt-free company.  This is a principle that we believe strongly in and encourage all family members to take part in. We are blessed to say that even up to today, we have remained debt-free, due to the hard work of our family.

We now have thousands of products and I am excited to announce that we are adding several thousand new products over the coming weeks. We are going to be expanding our store to include more: Homesteading, Off-Grid/Solar, Clothing, Boots, and a lot more Camping & Outdoor Gear.

Our number one goal is to become a one-stop shop for all your emergency preparedness and outdoor needs. So, whether you are going camping or you’re preparing your family just in case of an emergency, we will have what you need.

I want to finish my post by thanking all of our customers for making this possible. We simply could not have done this without your overwhelming support! Our growth has been nothing short of a miracle and that is in large part due to you! Your business means so much to our family! We promise to work as hard as is possible to always be there for your preparedness needs!




P.S. Stay tuned for my next blog post that is going to talk about food storage...specifically oxygen absorbers.