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Lets talk Seeds

Lets talk Seeds


I know this seems premature talking about seeds for your spring garden, but given the state of things in the world today I want all of our customers to be aware of the difficulty of getting good quality seeds right now.

This does not mean that there are none to be had at present. There are some out there however the selection is very limited. Currently all seed suppliers are in the process of changing over to their 2021 inventory that came from this past year’s harvest. They typically discount the seeds that they have left from the current year to get them out of their inventory before introducing the following year’s seed packages - dated 2021.

I know you must be asking why I am talking about this since - we do not have any seeds on our website. That is about to change… We have partnered with one of the highest rated seed suppliers in North America. They specialize in non GMO Heirloom seeds. Some of the seeds they offer have pedigrees and chain of custody dating back over 50 years and some much much longer.

We are going to be offering one of the largest seed selections in Canada. Hundreds and hundreds of varieties for customers to choose from. We will be publishing our seeds on our website in early November. We don’t have a solid date yet - however it will be between November 7th and 15th. We just want to confirm what is available before we introduce them. They should land in our warehouse sometime in the middle of November.

Preparing for your spring garden with seeds

I have spoken to many suppliers in the seed industry and they all anticipate selling out early in 2021. The demand for seeds has become astronomically high. Our seed supplier is very strict on what seeds they allow in their product offerings. They test them for germination and performance. A selection process is used in order to determine that only the best seeds are offered for sale. As I said before - these are of the highest quality that we were able to source.

I want to encourage everyone who reads this blog not to hesitate in securing the seeds you need for this next year and also recommend that you stock up for the year to follow as well. If you do stock up for 2022, please research seed storage so that you make sure you have the highest germination rates possible. Once again – do not wait until spring to buy high quality seeds. 2020 serves as a testament to what will continue to be a hot item – the industry is forecasting MUST higher seed demands for 2021.

I am not sharing this to alarm anyone. I am merely passing on what we are told and sharing our experiences from this year. This year my family did a pretty large garden of about 1/3 or so acres in size. We learned a lot this year about managing such a large garden. There are a lot of things we want to do differently next year. One thing however was how much seed we needed in order to plant that much. We spent almost $1,500 just on seeds for all the members of our family. We did this in Early February. When we went back to buy more there was a lack of inventory on the types we wanted. That was in late February early March. We had to bust into our #10 can seed variety packages to get the seeds we needed to finish our garden.

The truth is all of our lives are going to continue to be different in 2021. Preparing early for your spring garden is prudent and smart. We all feel a little cooped up these days, and I can say from first hand experience that getting out and doing some things in the garden can feel very rewarding.

Jacquie and I have some exciting plans for next year’s garden. In a future blog, we are going to lay out our ideas on our garden and as we proceed throughout the year. We will gladly share both our successes and failures.

We are also really excited to add a well-stocked seed section to our website. We have spent a lot of time researching and getting it set up. Even if you don’t buy from us… PLEASE make sure you get what you want early. You will not regret it. We will send an e-mail out when they are ready to go.

From all the staff here at Good2GoCo… we want to say thank you for your business! It means so much to us!

May GOD bless you and your families.