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Emergency Vehicle Kit for Winter

Emergency Vehicle Kit for Winter

Emergency Vehicle Kit For Winter 

An emergency kit of any kind goes perfectly with the famous line, “it’s better to have it and not need it, than need and not have it.” That’s why I always keep the Readywise 64 Piece Survival Backpack in my car year-round and ready at a moment’s notice.  
What I love about this bag is that it provides a great base to build from. The essential needs such as food and drink, first aid and hygiene and a basic sleep system with the mylar blanket are all included with this backpack. The playing cards are also a very nice touch if you have some time to kill. I’d still like to recommend a few additional items to add to this pack though. I can’t tell you how many times I have been in a group and someone asks, “does anyone have a knife?” If you’re not already carrying a multitool as part of your EDC, this is a must-have. While candles and fire are great sources of light and warmth when you’re outside, this can become a little problematic if you plan on staying put in your car. Although they don’t offer heat, the Green Light Glow Sticks by Ready Hour provide 10 – 12 hours of illumination and a mounting hook which is great for hanging up on your car. They take up very little space and can easily be kept in the glove box or under your seat if your pack is starting to get a little full. 

Depending on the size of your family, you may need to top up this pack with a few add-ons. The Mainstay Emergency Drinking Water Packet is a great item to keep in the car year-round because it comes equipped with specialized packaging that allows for the pouches to be stored in any environment between -40 – 99 degrees Celsius. The need for more calories comes with having more people in the car. Extra calories are available in the form of Emergency Ration Bars by SOS Food Lab Inc. The mylar blanket included with Readywise 64 Piece Backpack is great if it’s just you in the car. However, if plan on frequently travelling with additional passengers, it may be a good idea to add an equal number of Emergency Mylar Sleep Bags. In cold weather, these sleeping bags help retain up to 90% of your body heat to offset hypothermic reactions. The cocoon is waterproof, reusable and even deflects heat in hot climates.  

There are a few additional items I like to add to my vehicle kit specifically for winter. Tow ropes can be helpful in a pinch year-round, but they become even more critical throughout the winter months when weather conditions become unpredictable. With 20’ of length, 10,000 lbs of towing capacity and safety hooks for convenient setup, this tow rope is sure to offer some peace of mind. Another must-have item for my winter emergency vehicle kit is the 12-In-1 Folding Shovel. The first day I had one in my car I ended up needing to use it to break off some ice build-up extending into the driveway. This collapsible and versatile shovel is more than meets the eye. Not only is it useful for digging yourself out when needed, but the additional features such as the pick, hatchet edge, and ferro rod are extremely beneficial in an emergency situation. 
Changing a flat tire never comes at an ideal time. The Rothco G.I. Glove Liners and the Pelican 2785 Headlamp make this task safer and a little more comfortable in winter conditions. The G.I Glove Liners by Rothco offer a 70% wool composition that is ideal for winter. They can either be worn as a liner for other gloves or independently on their own which makes them very versatile as they keep your hands warm against the cold elements. Trying to change a tire in the dark becomes very difficult when you’re using one hand to hold a cellphone flashlight. A headlamp is essential for hands-free lighting. My headlamp of choice for this task is the Pelican 2787 which offers a pivoting head to keep the light where you need it and a rear-mounted red LED. The red light in the back is a great way to let other drivers know where you are while you’re working with your head down.   

Emergency Vehicle Kit For Winter Recap: 
1) 64 Piece Survival Backpack 
2) Multitool 
3) Green Light Glow Sticks 
4) Emergency Drinking Water Packet 
5) Emergency Ration Bars 
6) Mylar Sleep Bag 
7) Tow Rope 
8) 12-In-1 Folding Shovel 
9) G.I. Glove Liners 
10) Pelican 2785 Headlamp 
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