Components & Optional Add-Ons for Heco Stoves

Components & Optional Add-Ons for Heco Stoves

The Heco wood cookstove is perfect for keeping you off the grid or a great addition to your homestead. In this video, we dive into the different components of the stove, as well as the optional add-ons we have available here at Good2GoCo. From baking cookies, to dehydrating fruit, keeping your house warm and heating up water for a hot shower, Heco wood cookstoves are an excellent option for those seeking a life of sustainability and self sufficiency!

Here is a peek at the components & add-ons we will be talking about in this video:

  1. The Scraper Rod
  2. The Lid Lifter
  3. The Oven
  4. The Temperature Gage
  5. The Wood Box
  6. The Ash Pan
  7. The Easy-Access Cleanout
  8. The Oven Control
  9. The Front Damper Control
  10. The Thermostatic Control
  11. The External Shaker Handle
  12. The Warming Oven
  13. The Water Reservoir
  14. The Water Reservoir Coil Kit
  15. The Water Jacket
  16. The Range Boiler
  17. The Rear Heat Shield
  18. The Summer Grate
  19. Extra Fire Bricks

 May God bless you and your families,

Good2GoCo Family